Friday, April 15, 2011

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a popular man because he is the king of pop. He has the best voice I have ever heard. He's got some cool dance moves and cool clothes that cost a lot of money. He has been famous so long. He was born in 1956. When he was a little boy his brothers became a singing group and they were named The Jackson Five. He died in 2009 in June when he was only 50 years old. I really like him because he has the talent.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sonny Bill Williams story

Sonny bill is very good at playing Rugby and League. He used to play for bulldogs in league and also he played for the All Blacks but now he plays for the Crusader in super 15 rugby. Their team are awesome because they are coming first in the table. I really like how he get tackles but he still stands up and offloads it and it leads to a try.

He is very good not like before I reckon he should be in All Blacks. He has a tough and solid body. He is my favorite man. He is a very clever player on the field.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The blacks caps story

The Black Caps are a cricket team and they have been representing NZ in the world cup. That was in INDIA. They made it to the semi final and they lost to Sri Lanka. But they tried their hardest to win for us. They played good by beating the south Africa team.

My favorite player is Martin Guptill because he is good at batting and fielding and he is really fast at chasing the ball. My best bowler is Daniel Vettori because he can spin the ball and very clever at playing. My best legend is Shane bond because he bowls super fast. The blackcaps team are awesome and full of talent.

Dinosaur Story

My dinosaurs' name is Triceratops the Mighty. He lives in a cave in Brazil a million years ago. He has a family and they always walk and eat together. The family sleep in a cave and when they want to play they aways go to the amazon river and also the forest. Triceratops look savage and raging. He has 3 horns on the top of his head. It has a round and huge body. Its legs are short and sturdy. The Triceratops is about 8 meters long, about 3 meters tall and weighs about 6 tons. It is the size of an elephant.

My Dinosaur’s family eats so many different foods - it is a herbivore, meaning he eats plants. Because he only eats healthy food he has grown stronger than his family. Triceratops family are strong and friendly. They don’t hunt and fight other people.

When triceratops is bored at home he goes to the amazon river, also he splashes water in to his brother and sister's faces. The brothers and triceratops always play fight to see who is the strongest and my sister watches us fight and says triceratops you are to fat and small, which makes him very cross. Then he got angry and smashed his brothers.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jared Hayne story

Jarred Hayne is one of the best player in league, he has the best tricks and side movement. I like when he runs from the far goal post to the try line sometimes. He is very talent. His team the Eels were playing against storm they lost but he was still good.

The people name him the Hayne plane when he score a try or when he does his side step or tricks. He is my favorite player in league and I think he is one of the fastest people in league. Jared plays for the eels and new south wales in state of origin and in the world he plays for Australian.

Rooster Vs Warriors Story

In the weekend the Warriors were playing against the Roosters at Mt Smart Stadium. They got ready to face the Roosters. Out they came and the crowd was cheering and yelling, "Go the Warriors." The first kick off of the match the Warriors scored the first try of the match but the Roosters came back and got a try. It was halftime and the points were close.

First half finished with getting more trys but the Roosters still came back and Glen Fisiiahi warriors was injured and Lance Hohaia took over Fisiiahi but Hohaia Did well and got a try. The game was nearly finished and the Warriors were still in the game and got the last try. They Won the game!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The all Blacks' Story

My Favorite sport is rugby. I like it because you get to run and tackle the players down and win lot of games. My Favorite team for the world cup are the All Blacks because they are the best team. Also I like Dan crater he is good at kicking and running with the ball. I reckon he is one of the best kickers in the world. I can not wait for the world cup, I hope that NZ wins.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The most Embarrassing moment in my life

The most embarrassing thing in my life is while sitting on the mat during class time. My Friends and my class was there and even the teacher. it happened 2 years ago when I was only 9 years old.

The moment it happened when I was listening to the teacher and while she was talking loudly the embarrassing moment had came I did a loud fart. My class started laughing and my teacher said Jesiah and I started to laugh too. I really felt that was the most embarrassing thing in my life.