Monday, December 5, 2011


Cars are very exiting when you drive it and and it new because you can show off. My Favorited cars is a Ferrari because it fast and looks cool. Also buwi gutter car too me it one of the faster cars in the world. When I grow up I will try and get me a famous car. Hammers is a big and massive car it can also fit about 12 or more. It has huge speakers.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Early Wednesday morning novmeber 23 PT England had athletics. We change into school colors. People had faces painted. Room16 walked to our ages and lined up. the pray. And we were lock and load and ready to come first. our first event was triple jump it was a new thing for me. A man from the Auckland sport academy came and helps us.Some people had a practiced run. Now it our real one one two three. Yes I cheer and came first whoopee!!! While that was we keep going on and on until morning tea. All of us ate our lunch and was ready for our next events. It was high jump. Quickly dashing and hop over the top of the pole to be remaining through the next height. Not that many people was in the high jump. 3 boys remaining in it. I was last and the only one I knew I had to make it to come first. Yeah boy. My favorites part was sprinting because I race the fast boys and coming first.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Camp Benzton

cLast week Year 6 went on a camp at kawai island on Tuesday. Early in the morning year 6 line up and waited. The first group that went was Katz and kawai. They went and pack there staff under bus, and away they go. next bus came we went inside it big buses. The Bus was going and parents wave goodbye. When we left I was so afraid because it was my first time. while sitting down we went past Glen Innes. Off went to Auckland. I was so bored but Mrs Barks had an I- phone It had games we played it. It was called Flip the cup. As we were nearly there we went past Auckland. I through Wow! We made it to the sand spit. As waiting for the ferry boat. We had Morning tea. The helpers and teachers pack the bag and putting on the side of the boat. We went up the sit. The tourist there too. During the travel we did the haka to represented Pt England School.

My favorite part was Abseiling because you can climb and go down it just like rock climbing. They talk about safety rules and how it works. It was my turn and then stud put on gear as I went up a girl karma was controlling me. I was so scared but as came down I was use to it. I came down I was excited that won't to do it I again.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film festval

Wow I am very exited about going to the movies and watching movies from our school. We went on bus but year 6 had to take 2 or 1 little kids. so we can look after them. As we went on a bus I was playing with my little friends. His name was william but I called him will. We play a new that he told me. Instead of rock paper sissiors it bunny carrot gun. He always beat me.

It was time me and William walk through to the others and when we got there William was very glad and happy. We look at the others when they came out there were lot of them Tamaki primary, St Pius, Glen-brae, and even Intermideit and collage too. As we went inside we sat down and waited. The introduction started. My little friends was so excited because it was his first. The movies started. Then we watched.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Real Steel

This weekend I watch Real Steel. Once upon a time there was a man that had made a robot. He went to a  the owner of the bull and said I bet you 5 thousand dollars that his robot can take down his bull. And they did, 5 4 3 2 1 they let out the bull. Robot just chuck him around and smash and punch him hard then it fell down. But he was showing off after that but it was not so the bull ran as fast he can and rip his arm down.
then he lost his money and their was bad new for him. His X wife die and his child was lonely. He went in his truck and drove to new York. He saw his son and his x wife sister. They were trying to adopt him. But talk the husband and said I look after him for you. After that said I will pay you 50. 000 dollars. They went. They a found new robot but it was hard to control. They went to a boxing gym and practiced. Next minute he die. I went no man! But They went to a junk place and found an old one too. But the fell in to a tunnel and he felt something strange but it was hard he wonder what was it. Then he said it just an old robot fighter that not strong now. It use to be. But the was trying to convince his dad to bring him home. But he said no. He did it mine because can take on his own it to him like an hour to take it to the truck. They the dad was wrong. The child control it but it was hard. he knew now it was just like his video game. They had a secret. You can control it with your body. They did dance move and the robot copy it. waiting with anticipation the dad look. He saw it how did you do that. Next part it was how they fight. They the second best and he got rip in to part next was best of all. His is zeau every 2 rounds he crab them in to picses and chuck them around.

Friday, November 4, 2011

meeting a ailens

It was 2200 of march and the world end. But lucky I was an arstnuots and I had my own rocket too. The next day I started too prepare my stuff and pack my bags. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Go I went fast like an jet. It had smoke and fire coming out. I got through the earth surface and up to space. I saw a huge planet it had wide rings it was saturn. I went around the planet there was holes. I landed and there was craters it had ailens. They were playing and having fun. I came, fell through these craters. Only one ailen talk english. He told me about the planet but one thing I really won't to know was how come theres a ring around your planet but others and what is made of?The ring are made almost entirely of water ice, with some of the dust and other chemicals. Saturn is 2nd biggest planet in the solar system and lightest planet too.Finally I found a wonderful place to live forever.  I been happy forever


Friday, October 28, 2011


 During my holiday I watched The rugby world cup final on Sunday.  It was France against New Zealand. They have met again in the final. I was going for the All blacks. The buses came and The players was practicing on the field. The was at Eden Park That New Zealand best stadium. They went in the change room and got ready. They came outside And Sang the National Anthem. 

The crowd so loud when the Game had started, Counting 10 to 0 All blacks kick off And the game start. The France ran with lot power smash the all blacks through line but That was not enough. the captain for all blacks break the french defends. It was NZ line out I was watching Tony had score a try for NZ Yes I jump up and down. Then I went yes. 1 half is finish The boys went to there dressing room. Graham heary talked them. And french coach too.

At the end I thought France might be lucky but All blacks won By 1 points. Yeah!!!! I cheer. I watch Richie had Presented the William Web eills cup.  Then The crowd cheer.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Samoa is a nice county that has amazing beach. lot of tourist come and swim and also spend time during there holiday.  Samoa is my home county I was born in New Zealand my family is Samoa. In the Samoa it is so hot like 45 degrees. people some times take there t-shirt off and wear lava lava around there legs. It mostly boys and men. And then they do there jobs. Lot of lady and men have tattoos on there arms and legs. 


Immersions Assembly

On the first day of term 4 Our teachers dress up as planets like the sun and mars. The principal came he was taking about our topic and telling a story that related to our topic , our therm is call Outta This World. The team 1 made a movie it was about wheres the sun. They did were trying to find the sun. Then a child said he has the sun. Next was team 2 with there dance they were funny and amazing but I.
After team 2 was team 3 they also made a movie about space it was question like how do you go toilet.  found a video on internet for answer. So during the morning next team 4 preformed a song and dancing like. They were to the dancing to the song twinkle twinkle little star by the wiggles. And the last and final animate a cartoon call star wars of clones wars. It was funny. My favorite was part team 5.

Friday, October 14, 2011

NRL Pictures

This a picture of the NRL teams. I have draw it on tux paint. Theses are my favorite teams in NRL. And some of them has my best players. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Aussie Rules

This term of 2011 Pt England school has been learning about Aussie rules.  They introduction there self and Aussie rules to us. I am excited to play Australia sport.  Every Thursday we have lesson that teach us basic skills.

The First basic skills was the drop punt.  A drop punt is how to kick. There are main rules, number 1 faces away from lases. Number 2 pretend to flicked mud on your friends face.  And the last one is kick the cross line. Our lesson was the hand pass. In Aussie rules you can’t pass like a rugby pass or any sport pass. First step, put up your undomin hand up and ball on top. It like a food on top of a plate. Then get your domin and scoop the food off the plate.

At any lesson we take ,we always have games at then end that is base on our lesson. But my favourite one is Aussie rules baseball. Mega told us instructions and hints to how to play. We were put in to two different groups. We played! We kick the ball downtown. I ran around the base.But while your running you have to bounce the like AFL. It was the end and we lost. But I had lot of fun.     

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Warriors vs West Tigers

Waiting for the exciting game the I saw the warriors nervous that they might lose. They came out and stared the game as the tigers kick off. The warriors had the ball, passing to there big strong forward he ran through them but got down. Suddenly it was last Maloney bomb the ball up high for the wing to jump and offload. Tigers have the ball. OH ON! Tigers had score a try. Happiness for the fan. I got angry but I know that warroris will come back. 1st half finish . The came back and won the game.    

Friday, September 16, 2011

World Rugby Cup Ceremony

 Counting down from 10 the ceremony started as the number changed to 0. Then a Maori lady started of with a Karanga. It is a tradition for a Maori culture to welcome the visitors. Then the Kapa Haka group came and preformed an amazing haka. A young boy was thinking that he was a famous rugby player. He ran to the try line but suddenly the ball glowed like it was going to explode. This boy was running through these big huge players. With a lot of determination the boy started to fly up to the sky and to reach the enormous rugby ball. He came down safely and walked back down the field. While he was walking these name came up beside him, it was the highest try scorer in the RWC. I saw a legend. He was the best player. His name is Jonah Lomu! I really like the end because of the fireworks. The Fireworks was a huge display. It was like a shotgun shooting up in the air. I reckon this was the best rugby world cup ceremony.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The world cup

The rugby world cup is only 2 days away. The first game is Tonga vs New Zealand. It is going to be at New Zealand. There 20 teams from around the world that are coming to the rugby world cup. Some teams have already arrive. There are a 5 teams in each pool. The rugby world cup name is William Web Ellis.The First World cup was won by the All Blacks.

William web Ellis was a young boy that was a legue.  Charles Monro lived near Nelson his parent sent him to a school in england. He found about rugby and brought it to New Zealand. The first Rugby game was in Nelson.   

Thursday, August 25, 2011

TV one News

On Tuesday August 23rd 2011 Pt england was on T.V. one news. They went around classes that had Netbook. We felt excited when they came to our class. They were talking about our Netbooks and how some schools can not afford them. The camera lady took some shots of us doing our work. It came on at night time on the six o'clock One news. I watched it and it was so cool that we were TV.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Zealnand Infomtions

New Zealand is a small country that live from the south Western Pacific ocean. There are four main island in NZ North Island, south, Stewart island and Chatham island. The realm of New Zealand also includes Tokelau, the Cook Island and Niue. New Zealand has many main cultures that can be found. It is Samoa, Tonga, Cook Island, Niue, Fiji, and other Pacific island. The indigenous Maori name New Zealand is Aotearoa commonly translated as land of the long white cloud. Maori was the 3rd people to land on New Zealand. The man was James Cook. And also the Polynesia too. Maori had a treaty which was called treaty of waitangi. It was sign in 1840 February 6th about 40 chiefs sign it. About a year more Maori sign and including 13 woman too. The Maori sometimes sign the treaty with their Moko. A moko is a tattoo on your face which many Maori people do.

The capital of New Zealand is Wellington in the middle of the north and south island.The most Popular city is Auckland it has [386300] of New Zealand. And The next one is \Christchurch317600 and the third is Wellington 168100. Wellington is very famous because the New Zealand government and Prime Minister Have meeting at the famous beehive.

NZ national sport is rugby union. In the first world cup they had won. But they last world cup they lost in the quarter finals against France. The top team in the world cup is the All Blacks Wallabies And the springboks.
This rugby world cup is in New Zealand. there are 20 teams around the world that are playing. They 5 teams in each pool. And only 4 pool. there are only 48 games. also there is millions of ticket sold out. Eden Parks is the home ground games it at Auckland. Hope you come and see the world cup go the All Blacks.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My favorite dance group in the world is the Jabbawockeez. They are very amazing at dancing. They were the first ever in history to win America's Best Dance Group competition. I first saw them on T.V and they were talented. I wish I was in their group. After they won the competition, they toured around the world. They always wear masks so they can be even cooler. Now many dance groups have won the same competition.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At the Life Education Bus

Yesterday we lined up from biggest to smallest for the Life Education bus. Once we were on the bus we sat down and listened to Lynne to find out what we had to do. Afterwards we saw Harold who was talked us all about homework. He said we should help him with half of his homework because he was too lazy! The first task we did was to name three systems in our body. To help us we looked at a skeleton to see where the different body parts were.

We talked about the body system for awhile until it was time for a break. We did the banana split song. It was so funny we even made the caravan move up and down with all our laughing and jumping. Our next task was to find out what the Liver is and what it does. We talked with the Brain, which is a computer that helped us come up with more ideas. We looked at the body and figured out that the liver is the biggest organ of all. And it has over 500 jobs to do. One of them is to sort the food out. It also breaks down the bad things that are not good for you. After learning about the body our class got to perform the Humpdy Dumpdy haka that Lynne taught us. We said goodbye to Harold and Lynne. Harold was kind enough to give us books to leave with. We made our way back to class. My highlight was jumping up and down on the bus. I hope I get to go back to the Life Education Bus!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Holiday Story

During my Holiday I went to the movies and watched Kung Fu Panda 2. I watched it at Sylvia Park. We brought some food with us to eat during the movie. Once the movie started it, it talked about the first part of Kung Fu Panda. The movie had an excellent battle scene at the beginning. It told us about the bad Peacock and his army of wolves and how they killed off all the panda in China, but luckily Kung Fu Panda was saved by his mother. At the end there was an awesome part about how Kung Fu Panda controls the fire rocks. I had fun watching the movie! I am looking forward to watching Kung Fu Panda 3.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tallest tower

Last Friday we made a tall tower out of paper. We worked in groups of 4 to build our paper tower. In my group we had Kane, Lorenzo, Carlos and me. We all came up with ideas for how to make the tallest paper tower.

We only had 8 pieces of paper, 1 glue stick, a meter of tape and scissors. We were trying to make a strong shape to hold the tall tower up. We found the right shape to make it strong, it was the triangle. Mr S gave us some hints. He said if you roll the paper small it will be tough and if you bend the paper it will not be strong. The boys were sorting out the gear and then Lorenzo and I started to build the tower.

First we made a tripod as the base. To make our tower tall we rolled the paper into a long stick. It couldn't stand on its own so we made a other tripod to support it. Carlos asked if his team could join ours to make a bigger, better, stronger and faster tower-building team.
Our tower was standing up for about 20 second before it fell down, but it was to late to improve it. We tried to make it stand up again but it just fell down Andrea's team won .

Jazzy Bugs Band

The Jazzy Bug Band is a band of lady bugs. On the left side a lady bug is playing the trumpet. On the right there is a ladybug playing the Bass. In the middle one of the bugs are playing the Drums. There's only 3 members in this band.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg was a famous person that made these cool marble tracks. Here's one that I've created digitally.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Motat story

I was excited about going on a long trip to motat, I was freaked and scared when I went in to the tactile Dome because it was the first time I’ve been in there. My group Was Roman, Silas, and me. I went in there it was so dark like it was night time I hit my head on the start. My group was still at the and I was near the end I climbed and crawl down to the finish. I left my group in the tactile Dome. It was cool and scaring but I had so fun. Then we went to the arcade games it was exiting, it was free to play. the game that I was playing was the street fighter. My favorite game was the car game where you can drive. I challenge Dillon. He knows lot about cars. On the track he was losing but I Crash at the last lap, Zoom he came and strait he came and past me. I lost and he won.

It was time for lunch time after lunch. We went to the man that tells us more about inventions. We saw old things. We look at the different things that was invention. Then we look around the motat to see what kind of things that olden days had. Then we went back to school.We had so fun

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rugby league

On Tuesday July 5Th of 2o11 we had a rugby tournament at dunkirk reserve. We walked and saw a lot of school. When we got there I was nervous that I had butterflies in my stomach we sat down. The man that was in charge told us the rules. we warm up. The under 45kg league first games was Sylvia park school. It was 24 minute no half time. they kick and I got the first try. Then we charge and smash throught. Next the was over and we won. Ya we cheer. Our next game was bayly road. We still won 6 trys to 2. With stupendous bang We had a hard game. It was Standhope school. It was a close game but we still won. Our 2nd to last games was glen Innes school. We were still undefeated. Our last game We got ready to tackle and smash them on the ground. Boom here comes our forward pumping his legs up and getting a run away. They off our wing step and fend them of 100 meter run away. We were still undefeated. Champions of the Eastern rugby league. We are going to the Auckland. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

under dog

Something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw a massive tough muscly dog.His name is spicky. It was plain black and had sharp teeth and pointing claws. It is speedy and so furious. I freaked out and started running away from him he was to fast. I Dash to my house but he was still there. The next day he was still out He was coming and I went back home. I thought of a plan I made it. AN early morning I woke up to hide in the bush it was 8.0 clock he came out and wonder around the road. I got ready to throw my trap 1 2 3 throw. I got him yes I cheer never mess with king jesiah OK. Now I can go to school safe again. Spicky was gone away from the trap I through he was trap but it was hiding. I called him “spicky” where are you. Oh no here he come Bye bye sprinting away from him. At home said to my self Oh On he still here.
I told My friend to with me. I made a plan again. I through to my self I hope it works. Now the has come. He stare at I stare at him. I shouted now he was in the trap and couldn’t move yes it over. I was happy and I can go school happly ever after.

The End

Thursday, June 16, 2011

party cloudy

Party cloudy-movie review

This movie we watched was party cloudy.where theres are stork and a cloud. It was up way in the sky.One day the stork went to dliver babys to all the mums and dad. All the stork were happy with there cloud but only one was feeling he does not want to work for him. The storm cloud was really felt hurt and frusted then he cry with tears. He came back with a amora.My rating is 8 because I really like this movie and the first part of it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Magic carpet story

Once upon a time my friends and I met a pirate named Captain Gold. We all lived on his ship and got up to mischief everyday. One day I told my friend Studamyer that I had found a magic carpet on the ship. I thought that we could have a holiday and fly to Long Beach in California. As we were flying over to America, Studamyer said to me, “I will surf the tallest and biggest waves in the world!” When we got to Long Beach the waves were strong but not as big as what Studamyer thought they would be. We spent the whole day catching waves.

I was floating in the shallow water while I waited for Studamyer to come back with the magic carpet to take us home. He came running back and told me that a pirate had stolen the magic carpet while we were surfing! Luckily I saw Captain Gold running back to his ship on the other side of the beach. We chased after him... He said yous should learn your lesson about taking some body stuff. "OK" said Studmayer and me

Monday, May 23, 2011

Warriors vs Rabbitohs

The Warriors were playing against the south Sydney rabbitos on Sunday the 22nd of May. It was at Mt Smart Stadium. It was a good game because the warriors scored the first try. Christian Inu had an intercept and almost got all the way to the try line but he stop and thought that he will make it. But the rabbitos player came at the back and tackle Christian Inu. But the rabbitohs got a score to make it a draw. So it was half time it was still a draw. But in second half time it was warriors scoring the final try to win the game. The points was 12 to 6. my favorite player is Chris Inu because he is fast and strong. I like how he jumps way up high.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cloud words

These are some word clouds that I made. It say, "God loves". I made two but they are different because on is a heart. Also I did a big and small one. Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Having a netbook

This year the year 5 to year 8 was having a net book. We felt happy because we can have our own net book and do our own work. We don't need to what for a computer to type. We had our net book on term 1 having our own little laptop.When we had it theres was learning games and more things. The net book is wireless it connect to a name wariehe so we can go on Internet. We have our own email and password. We are only allowed to log on our own blog and docs. We have learnt a lot about our net books.
We had to pay for our net-book. We have our own files so that we can save pictures and other things too.When our net book runs out of battery we charge it so it can be fully charged. It charges over night, lunch and morning tea time too. We are so happy to have our own net book!

tall paper tower story

During last Friday we made a tall tower out of paper. We worked in 4 groups to build a paper tower. In my group we had Kane, Lorenzo Carlos and me. We all came up with ideas for how to make the tallest paper tower. We only had 8 pieces of paper, 1 glue stick, a meter of tape and scissors. We were trying to make a strong shape to hold the tall tower. We found the right shape to make it strong, it was the triangle. Mr S gave us some hints, he said if you roll the paper small it will be tough and if you bend the paper it will not be strong. The boys was sorting out the gears and then Lorenzo and I started to build the tower. First we made a tripod as the base. To make our tower tall rolled the paper into a long stick. It couldn't stand on it's own so we made a other tripod to support it. Then Carlos asked if his team could join ours to make a bigger, better, stronger and faster tower-building team. Our tower was standing up for about 20 second before it fell down. But it was to late to improve it. We tried to make it stand up again but it just fell down. Andrea's team won.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Breakers Story

On friday last week in the holidays The Breakers were playing against the the Cairns Taipans in the Basketball Championship. There were 3 games but in the last game The Breakers won the championship for NZ! My favorite player is CJ Brutton and Gary Wilkinson. They are the best and good at shooting 3 pointers. The Breakers are really talented on the court!

In the Hoilday I went to the swimming pools at Pakuranga it was cool. I went along with my friends from church. When we went to the pools I was watching because I was not allowed to get my ears wet so my friend just gave me some shorts to swim in. Then I got in the pool and we played tiggy, it was fun. Then my friends had a race and my sister won. Me and my little brother had a fight and he splashed water on my me. We went to church and me my friends went to the school park. We found some fruit trees, and had some apples and feijoas we got and it was nice.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a popular man because he is the king of pop. He has the best voice I have ever heard. He's got some cool dance moves and cool clothes that cost a lot of money. He has been famous so long. He was born in 1956. When he was a little boy his brothers became a singing group and they were named The Jackson Five. He died in 2009 in June when he was only 50 years old. I really like him because he has the talent.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sonny Bill Williams story

Sonny bill is very good at playing Rugby and League. He used to play for bulldogs in league and also he played for the All Blacks but now he plays for the Crusader in super 15 rugby. Their team are awesome because they are coming first in the table. I really like how he get tackles but he still stands up and offloads it and it leads to a try.

He is very good not like before I reckon he should be in All Blacks. He has a tough and solid body. He is my favorite man. He is a very clever player on the field.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The blacks caps story

The Black Caps are a cricket team and they have been representing NZ in the world cup. That was in INDIA. They made it to the semi final and they lost to Sri Lanka. But they tried their hardest to win for us. They played good by beating the south Africa team.

My favorite player is Martin Guptill because he is good at batting and fielding and he is really fast at chasing the ball. My best bowler is Daniel Vettori because he can spin the ball and very clever at playing. My best legend is Shane bond because he bowls super fast. The blackcaps team are awesome and full of talent.