Friday, June 29, 2012

My Favorited thing this term

Yes! it is nearly holidays, no more school time...finally.

This term we have one more week till holidays. Now we can have a break school. But this term we did some amazing stuff. These are the things I really like, Kiwi kick, we went to Tamaki college recenter.   

Kiwi kick is my favorite things that I like this term.  So let me tell you all the fun that I had, it started with a game .“flush” run!  After that warm up we got into a passing skill. One of the passes skill was drop-punt. My partner and I practices kicking to each other.

“Now it on” as I said to my mate, the game we played was bomb the teacher! It was a challenge  between the penguins and kiwis. As I stood up the penguins was locked and loaded. The penguins  kick, no one was good enough. The kiwis was ready bam! They kick, 3 teachers they hit. So now we lost.   

I am looking forward for next term, I wonder what we are study. Stay tuned because there's more to come...    

My favorite Place

Our topic for term 2 was Art Alive. We had a task set by our teacher. We had to take a picture of our favorite place around Pt England ground. Our class had to paint it in a artistic way.

I used my teacher’s camera and I took a lot of shot, but the one that I specially chose is this one. I got this photo because this is one of my favorite places around pt England area.

Picasso he is one of my favorite artist. I like his painting because it weird but it still interesting. I like his variety of mixture of colors. I am trying to make my picture occurred Iike his.

I really like my picture, it looks awesome but probably difficult to draw. It has lots of detail. I think I should put it higher to make it really like a bird view but let go with it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reflective writing on Novel

Reading an interesting novel about a little Indian in the cupboard. We had to read this because it was our task to finish by the end of this term.
Each group were given a story and had to write about their given novels.

Searching top to bottom I saw these names. Patrick, Omri, Gillon and Adiel. From reading this story I discovered Patrick was his friend and Adiel was his eldest brother and Gillon was his other one.    

While reading the novel begins, it was Omri’s Birthday and Patrick gave him a toy. From this sentence I was thinking, I said to myself “why would some mate give a secondhand miniature old indian toy”. They had lots of fun with these tiny toys when they were little.
They also had many collections.

On OmrI’s birthday he went  down a alley where there was large stacks of stuff. He tried many keys he had to open a cupboard. “None would open the cupboard” he said, but there was still one funny key that he opened with it.Popped open the doors as the indian toy started to talk not english instead a different kind of language.“Do you know how to speak a little bit of english” I wondered. “You should come with me! come on you should he said you touch me I will kill you”, yes but I just want to hold you. Omri was afraid from a real life toy that was holding a sword.   

Later on, I am really in the mood because I want to read more and more.  My thought of this novel is awesome It has big vocabulary which makes it more interestingly cool.