Monday, October 21, 2013

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Labour/Halloween/Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving  is a time to be grateful for things. Countries  that celebrate ThanksGiving are Liberia,Norfolk Island,Canada,Puerto Rico and United states.  When people celebrate they have a big dinner usually with a big turkey. Thanksgiving is on the 4th thursday in november for USA Norfolk Island it is on the last wednesday of November, In liberia first thursday in november, and November 27th is Puerto Rico.
On the first thanksgiving many of them played games sang songs but many of them could not eat in 1621. The first thanksgiving lasted for 3 days. Each year the President declares thanksgiving day.

Every year they will hold hands and say what they a greatful  for. I am grateful for my parents my family and everything.  

Many people today still celebrate Thanksgiving and I well known around the world.
Labour day is a public holiday for schools and many businesses and including some government offices. In the 19th century new zealand workers tried to claim the rights for a 8 hour working day. In 1840 Samuel Parnell fought for Wellingtons right for the 8 hour day and won. The first that labour day was celebrated was in 1890 October 28th.

The first official Labour day was in Wednesday October 1990. But they have moved the day to the 4th of monday and has remained on this day ever since.  There are also many different Labour celebrations. America celebrates it to but they do it for the workers achievements.

Many people gathered together for this and paraded down many streets but only in the City Central areas.In canada labour day is meant to honor and celebrate workers and the importance of their lives

It other name is All Hallow Eve, and All saiHalloween was celebrated on October 31st. It other name is All Hallow Eve, and All saint Eve. It observed by Western Christian and many non christian from around the global.

People celebrated halloween by dressing up in a costume and going trick or treating, or going to costume parties. People do different activities like carving a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, apple bobbing and many more.   

All Hallow Eve is dedicated to remembering deads, including the Saint, Martyrs and faithful departed believers. Some scholar believes in samhain and has solely christian root.

American catholic believes in  witches ghost and magic on halloween day. They celebrate christain faith-related concepts for families and children's. Many people think that halloween is about candy, scary stuff and pumpkins. All saint day is a fun experience day for kids