Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tallest tower

Last Friday we made a tall tower out of paper. We worked in groups of 4 to build our paper tower. In my group we had Kane, Lorenzo, Carlos and me. We all came up with ideas for how to make the tallest paper tower.

We only had 8 pieces of paper, 1 glue stick, a meter of tape and scissors. We were trying to make a strong shape to hold the tall tower up. We found the right shape to make it strong, it was the triangle. Mr S gave us some hints. He said if you roll the paper small it will be tough and if you bend the paper it will not be strong. The boys were sorting out the gear and then Lorenzo and I started to build the tower.

First we made a tripod as the base. To make our tower tall we rolled the paper into a long stick. It couldn't stand on its own so we made a other tripod to support it. Carlos asked if his team could join ours to make a bigger, better, stronger and faster tower-building team.
Our tower was standing up for about 20 second before it fell down, but it was to late to improve it. We tried to make it stand up again but it just fell down Andrea's team won .

Jazzy Bugs Band

The Jazzy Bug Band is a band of lady bugs. On the left side a lady bug is playing the trumpet. On the right there is a ladybug playing the Bass. In the middle one of the bugs are playing the Drums. There's only 3 members in this band.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg was a famous person that made these cool marble tracks. Here's one that I've created digitally.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Motat story

I was excited about going on a long trip to motat, I was freaked and scared when I went in to the tactile Dome because it was the first time I’ve been in there. My group Was Roman, Silas, and me. I went in there it was so dark like it was night time I hit my head on the start. My group was still at the and I was near the end I climbed and crawl down to the finish. I left my group in the tactile Dome. It was cool and scaring but I had so fun. Then we went to the arcade games it was exiting, it was free to play. the game that I was playing was the street fighter. My favorite game was the car game where you can drive. I challenge Dillon. He knows lot about cars. On the track he was losing but I Crash at the last lap, Zoom he came and strait he came and past me. I lost and he won.

It was time for lunch time after lunch. We went to the man that tells us more about inventions. We saw old things. We look at the different things that was invention. Then we look around the motat to see what kind of things that olden days had. Then we went back to school.We had so fun

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rugby league

On Tuesday July 5Th of 2o11 we had a rugby tournament at dunkirk reserve. We walked and saw a lot of school. When we got there I was nervous that I had butterflies in my stomach we sat down. The man that was in charge told us the rules. we warm up. The under 45kg league first games was Sylvia park school. It was 24 minute no half time. they kick and I got the first try. Then we charge and smash throught. Next the was over and we won. Ya we cheer. Our next game was bayly road. We still won 6 trys to 2. With stupendous bang We had a hard game. It was Standhope school. It was a close game but we still won. Our 2nd to last games was glen Innes school. We were still undefeated. Our last game We got ready to tackle and smash them on the ground. Boom here comes our forward pumping his legs up and getting a run away. They off our wing step and fend them of 100 meter run away. We were still undefeated. Champions of the Eastern rugby league. We are going to the Auckland. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!