Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Warriors vs Titan

n a Saturday wet Rainy dark night The warriors was playing against Gold Coast Titan. I was pumped up to watch this game at Mt Smart ground. I couldn't’t wait to watch Shawn Johnson played. Losing against Bulldogs they were ready to beat titan. Out they come supporters cheering and going GO Simon on his 150 game so far.

Kicking off as big packs run up smashing them down. Johnson stepping and tricking the opponents. As warriors score the first try. First half was down and next is coming up. Walking down the dressing room the Titan coach had a good talk but second still came and the warriors still smash them by point.

The game was over and winners was warriors winning by a huge win. As titian was sad.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp day one

Waking on a dark rainy day I was still pump up going to camp. I was ready to go and do our first activity.We listen and up we went on computers looking for some basic scones re-pies. We searched and there’s was some good scones but we had to use the ingredients what was there. We found one it was easy one to make. We starting our scones each ingredients by each. All of us took turns. Rolling it the flour down we plot-ed on a tray and of went to the oven. 10 to 15 minutes rush went Carlos and Kobe down to get it, while we cut some potatoes. Our group ates one scones our one was really not nice but others were.

After our eat time we walk and jog to the Pt England beach. We put on our life jacket and listen to the instruction. We Kayak down the shore and back. People that wasn’t kayaking they played with sand and help us out on the water. It was time to go and we had time to swim. We bomb off the rock.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Updating news

With the latest news that was updated by the New Zealand Herald had got me interested by reading it. It titled Family believer. This story takes place way back in 1968, when the mother of Jefferie Hill thought the he was buried
NZ Police and family thinks that he is dead under the hole at backyard of there house. I wounder why is he at the dead out in the backyard. Reading down the story it got my attention read on.

I will link the rest of the story to the New Zealand Herald. You can also read it for your self. It very interesting it has information about the person that die and family how do they feel.

Doctor Ben Carson

With lots of happiness I was really glad to meet Ben Carson. He was a great Doctor, There was a movie that show his life about him and Mum. Also story too it had good details when he was a little kid. My teacher was reading it to the class and I Imagine and picture it in my head. I through that his was fair and sad.

Waiting on the bus laughing and smiling with my friends we crack some joke out to the teachers that was in the bus. Going on Motorway I was tired it was a long trip. As we got there many school was at this stadium, we were one of the largest school around. Off went us going inside.

Taking pics of the inside I said “wooooo” It was big. I sat down it felt nice and calm. When all the school had made it, It was ready to begin. A man stood up and introduce him self and all the staff that help but he especially anuted(Sp) out the man Ben Carson!

Out he came a movie came up and show actors that was talking about him and the movies related to him. He talked for a long while but it help us to follow our dream what we will become when we grow up. He reminded us that we all have spacial talent. Ending this wonderful day off we sang a song that we sing at school. The Duffy song. As I was recording it our school was amazing at singging(sp) and the action.It was time to go. We were lucky en -gong that we got some stack.

Doctor Ben Carson

Friday, March 2, 2012

News review

I came up to this story on the newspaper and it was interesting but sad A U.S.A 9 year old girl had been made to run for 3 hours for a punishment. She had been snapped for eating chocolate. She was in the school bus and her grandparent found her on the video tape eating. It was horrible for her. She ca-lapsed.

But they found that the grandparent was sent to court for charges. The case is still going on. She die on Monday. While reading it I thought about it. I think this a very unpleasing.