Friday, November 25, 2011


Early Wednesday morning novmeber 23 PT England had athletics. We change into school colors. People had faces painted. Room16 walked to our ages and lined up. the pray. And we were lock and load and ready to come first. our first event was triple jump it was a new thing for me. A man from the Auckland sport academy came and helps us.Some people had a practiced run. Now it our real one one two three. Yes I cheer and came first whoopee!!! While that was we keep going on and on until morning tea. All of us ate our lunch and was ready for our next events. It was high jump. Quickly dashing and hop over the top of the pole to be remaining through the next height. Not that many people was in the high jump. 3 boys remaining in it. I was last and the only one I knew I had to make it to come first. Yeah boy. My favorites part was sprinting because I race the fast boys and coming first.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Camp Benzton

cLast week Year 6 went on a camp at kawai island on Tuesday. Early in the morning year 6 line up and waited. The first group that went was Katz and kawai. They went and pack there staff under bus, and away they go. next bus came we went inside it big buses. The Bus was going and parents wave goodbye. When we left I was so afraid because it was my first time. while sitting down we went past Glen Innes. Off went to Auckland. I was so bored but Mrs Barks had an I- phone It had games we played it. It was called Flip the cup. As we were nearly there we went past Auckland. I through Wow! We made it to the sand spit. As waiting for the ferry boat. We had Morning tea. The helpers and teachers pack the bag and putting on the side of the boat. We went up the sit. The tourist there too. During the travel we did the haka to represented Pt England School.

My favorite part was Abseiling because you can climb and go down it just like rock climbing. They talk about safety rules and how it works. It was my turn and then stud put on gear as I went up a girl karma was controlling me. I was so scared but as came down I was use to it. I came down I was excited that won't to do it I again.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film festval

Wow I am very exited about going to the movies and watching movies from our school. We went on bus but year 6 had to take 2 or 1 little kids. so we can look after them. As we went on a bus I was playing with my little friends. His name was william but I called him will. We play a new that he told me. Instead of rock paper sissiors it bunny carrot gun. He always beat me.

It was time me and William walk through to the others and when we got there William was very glad and happy. We look at the others when they came out there were lot of them Tamaki primary, St Pius, Glen-brae, and even Intermideit and collage too. As we went inside we sat down and waited. The introduction started. My little friends was so excited because it was his first. The movies started. Then we watched.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Real Steel

This weekend I watch Real Steel. Once upon a time there was a man that had made a robot. He went to a  the owner of the bull and said I bet you 5 thousand dollars that his robot can take down his bull. And they did, 5 4 3 2 1 they let out the bull. Robot just chuck him around and smash and punch him hard then it fell down. But he was showing off after that but it was not so the bull ran as fast he can and rip his arm down.
then he lost his money and their was bad new for him. His X wife die and his child was lonely. He went in his truck and drove to new York. He saw his son and his x wife sister. They were trying to adopt him. But talk the husband and said I look after him for you. After that said I will pay you 50. 000 dollars. They went. They a found new robot but it was hard to control. They went to a boxing gym and practiced. Next minute he die. I went no man! But They went to a junk place and found an old one too. But the fell in to a tunnel and he felt something strange but it was hard he wonder what was it. Then he said it just an old robot fighter that not strong now. It use to be. But the was trying to convince his dad to bring him home. But he said no. He did it mine because can take on his own it to him like an hour to take it to the truck. They the dad was wrong. The child control it but it was hard. he knew now it was just like his video game. They had a secret. You can control it with your body. They did dance move and the robot copy it. waiting with anticipation the dad look. He saw it how did you do that. Next part it was how they fight. They the second best and he got rip in to part next was best of all. His is zeau every 2 rounds he crab them in to picses and chuck them around.

Friday, November 4, 2011

meeting a ailens

It was 2200 of march and the world end. But lucky I was an arstnuots and I had my own rocket too. The next day I started too prepare my stuff and pack my bags. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Go I went fast like an jet. It had smoke and fire coming out. I got through the earth surface and up to space. I saw a huge planet it had wide rings it was saturn. I went around the planet there was holes. I landed and there was craters it had ailens. They were playing and having fun. I came, fell through these craters. Only one ailen talk english. He told me about the planet but one thing I really won't to know was how come theres a ring around your planet but others and what is made of?The ring are made almost entirely of water ice, with some of the dust and other chemicals. Saturn is 2nd biggest planet in the solar system and lightest planet too.Finally I found a wonderful place to live forever.  I been happy forever