Monday, May 23, 2011

Warriors vs Rabbitohs

The Warriors were playing against the south Sydney rabbitos on Sunday the 22nd of May. It was at Mt Smart Stadium. It was a good game because the warriors scored the first try. Christian Inu had an intercept and almost got all the way to the try line but he stop and thought that he will make it. But the rabbitos player came at the back and tackle Christian Inu. But the rabbitohs got a score to make it a draw. So it was half time it was still a draw. But in second half time it was warriors scoring the final try to win the game. The points was 12 to 6. my favorite player is Chris Inu because he is fast and strong. I like how he jumps way up high.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cloud words

These are some word clouds that I made. It say, "God loves". I made two but they are different because on is a heart. Also I did a big and small one. Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Having a netbook

This year the year 5 to year 8 was having a net book. We felt happy because we can have our own net book and do our own work. We don't need to what for a computer to type. We had our net book on term 1 having our own little laptop.When we had it theres was learning games and more things. The net book is wireless it connect to a name wariehe so we can go on Internet. We have our own email and password. We are only allowed to log on our own blog and docs. We have learnt a lot about our net books.
We had to pay for our net-book. We have our own files so that we can save pictures and other things too.When our net book runs out of battery we charge it so it can be fully charged. It charges over night, lunch and morning tea time too. We are so happy to have our own net book!

tall paper tower story

During last Friday we made a tall tower out of paper. We worked in 4 groups to build a paper tower. In my group we had Kane, Lorenzo Carlos and me. We all came up with ideas for how to make the tallest paper tower. We only had 8 pieces of paper, 1 glue stick, a meter of tape and scissors. We were trying to make a strong shape to hold the tall tower. We found the right shape to make it strong, it was the triangle. Mr S gave us some hints, he said if you roll the paper small it will be tough and if you bend the paper it will not be strong. The boys was sorting out the gears and then Lorenzo and I started to build the tower. First we made a tripod as the base. To make our tower tall rolled the paper into a long stick. It couldn't stand on it's own so we made a other tripod to support it. Then Carlos asked if his team could join ours to make a bigger, better, stronger and faster tower-building team. Our tower was standing up for about 20 second before it fell down. But it was to late to improve it. We tried to make it stand up again but it just fell down. Andrea's team won.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Breakers Story

On friday last week in the holidays The Breakers were playing against the the Cairns Taipans in the Basketball Championship. There were 3 games but in the last game The Breakers won the championship for NZ! My favorite player is CJ Brutton and Gary Wilkinson. They are the best and good at shooting 3 pointers. The Breakers are really talented on the court!

In the Hoilday I went to the swimming pools at Pakuranga it was cool. I went along with my friends from church. When we went to the pools I was watching because I was not allowed to get my ears wet so my friend just gave me some shorts to swim in. Then I got in the pool and we played tiggy, it was fun. Then my friends had a race and my sister won. Me and my little brother had a fight and he splashed water on my me. We went to church and me my friends went to the school park. We found some fruit trees, and had some apples and feijoas we got and it was nice.