Friday, November 30, 2012


One of my favourite toys that I like and wish I had is RC Car, Helicopter and also Nerf Guns. If I was little boy, I would play all day with these toys. For big boys, I think they would like to play with bikes, and Play-stations, I know I would. Toddlers, they play soft things like teddy bears.

I remember when I had my first toy. I was only about 2 years old, it was Big, soft, bear. I really didn't like it very much but it was fun to play with. One my Favorited toys, is a remote control car, it was awesome, and I was only about 5 or 6 years old.I always play with it, it like something that I’m in love with.

If you had  to someone in your family a toy, what would it be? For me, I would make something that easy to make, and it fun to play with, for example slingshot, that would be heaps of fun.Also a crossbow out of paper or pencil.Maybe for kid a car made out of bottle. You can it for their Christmas present.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Reading Plus

Wow! Guess what? We have a new reading site, that helps us learn better and also read much more faster. It really helpful, it helps us with our test that we are doing and as well as comprehending. 

This site has heaps of stuff to do. It warms you up by a quick eye test, then it start with a book that you choose. After that, you spell the word that are going be in the story. It goes fast, so you have to read it as fast as you can. Then these bunch of question comes up, However you have to get at less 70% or more.

To me, I really like reading plus it helps me learn more about reading, and you know what, I am not good at reading. I like doing reading Plus. It awesome, you should try it sometimes!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Waiting patiently, in my head I thought “When are we going, When are we going!”

We had a little playtime, after that we got ready and on the bus we go. We laugh, talk, but when got there, a few schools were there. Up the stairs and in the cinemas. We were sat down waiting for the introduction.

“Oh yes! It on.” The very first movie we watch was from Tamaki Collage and Pt England school. It was hilarious , the way they dance and sing. The next movie was Pick the right path created by Pt England. This was a lesson that you're not perfect or bad, you just need to think about your actions. There was many more film that was awesome, but if you want to watch more Click here.

When we left, there were many films that I like. Like The Test, One directions and Azonto. Too bad that we didn't see more, but it was cool. I'm looking forward to next year.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tags Out Day

Waiting excitedly, to go to tags day out, I woke up and check outside. The weather was really bad, it was rainy like cats and dogs. He yawned” Oh! No! why is it rainy?”

Off I sprinted to school. He played for a while, and then he got change into his own gear.
He ask “ Mrs, look outside, it pouring with rain” then she answer “ No worries, we are playing somewhere else, and it would be sunny.”

We were lock and loaded, and off we went. We traveled for a long time but finally we made it. Many school were there, everyone were was warming up. “Yes! My favorite part, playing”

I was playing. We counted down, 5,4,3,2,1 and started. I ran, I passed the ball and try. WOW, it a try. We started getting score, and We won. We won most of our games, but we still had one more game, it was final.

They played against kedgley intermediate, when they played against them they were super good, they were like pros. But we still manage to score, we came runners up. It was a good, fun day. I am looking forward to next year.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

James Victory

One year ago on 1976, James was really good at High jump until he got injured from one of his jumps he did over the pole. James was only 18 when he hurt himself from when he sprang off the ground to land on the mat.

After 3 year was gone James deceased that he would get back into High Jump. It took him along time to get the technique back together. James took about seven months to become a pro After winning and winning he finally went to the finals.

As his family and friends was shouting his name GO GO GO JAMES, GO. All the pressure was on him, this is his chance to make it through the finals.

But all of a sudden, He felt something wrong with him. James went to the Medical, They said, "OH!  there's a problem in your leg" what he said, was hoping he could still compete in the finals.

James yawed “ he would never give up, I CAN DO IT!” It was his turn, the crowd cheer for him. GO James! With a lot of pressure, James ran and jump. Everyone was silent, what a surprise, he made it, “O.M.G I made it” claimed James.

As he walk on podium and was presented his shiny gold medal. What achievement he has done. The crowd clap for him. What good day for him.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lost and Found Beach...

It all started in 1998 as more and more people got lost in the so called beach so they named the beach lost and found.
Sun shining and no cloud in the sky,  as hard working dad, James and his son Tyson was going to beach. As soon as they got there, the first thing that dad and Tyson did was just laid down and relax.

On the next day they all unpack their stuff, and a random person came and walked along the sand.Tyson said “ Hey you, what your name?”  

My name is Jack I just live across the road. I’m from a very large family, I grew up with my brother Nate and sister Aquata, and our Mother and Father split up a while back when we were young.

Well early that day Jack and Tyson, were swimming at the beach, now they became really close mates. Tyson knew that he has forgotten something, but he just couldn’t figure it out.”let go and get change,” Exclaimed  Tyson.  

Tyson remember that he had to go and fix the water tank. As him and Jack raced to his house. Tyson suddenly fell and smack his head on a rock. .His best mate Jack was calling for help, as the house was filling with water.

HELP HELP said Jack When Tyson was laying in the sand he was dreaming that he was on the ground. “WAKE UP  WAKE UP” wept James. Come on, time to go home James and Jack pick up Tyson took him home, “what a day” everyone said.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Going to Uta!

Early morning Dan,Rocky and Rachel went on a vacations and camp out near the biggest, massive mountain, Uta. They are Tories from Italy and herd this magnificent valley. Rocky said “ Dad, Mum can we climb up the mountain”.

While going up the mountain Dan Rachel and Rocky saw the amazing view. It was snowy, cold on top and was very slippery as they went up. When suddenly Rocky shouted “Help Help! I am going to fall”.

As Rocky was shouting, Rachel was panicking but Rocky was still hanging on. Dan struggle to grab his hand, as he tried to pull him up. It was very difficult because he was about to slip. Dan exclaimed  “just hold my hand and don’t let go”!

While Dan was holding his hand, Rachel remember that she had a rope in her bag. She quickly grab the rope, and gave it to Dan, then Dan tied the rope around his arm. “That was lucky” Said Dan. Rockey was relieved.