Monday, December 10, 2012

Monster and Marshmallows

Camping out in the forest at night, with nothing but silence around, the Boy was just toasting his marshmallows on a campfire. Meanwhile the green, big monster stealthily, crept out of the lake. Suddenly the little boy saw shadows, afraid he turns back. With fright on his face, the monster was ready to eat the little boy up. But when caught sight of the marshmallow he fell in love with it. Happily the little boy was relieved, feeding the monster and treating him like a dog. But that all over when he had no more marshmallows.

With a stomach half full with marshmallows, the monster sniffed at bag and started to growl. The Boy grabbed his pillow to protect himself from the monsters teeth. The monsters ducked his head and started drooling staring at the pillow. The Boy moved the pillow left and right, almost laughing as the monsters followed it. While the monster was distracted by the pillow, the Boy throw the pillow, and quickly grabbed a flaming branch from the fire and ran away.

The Boy looked back from a distance, burst out laughing as he saw the monster grabbing a stick and stabbing the pillow on the end. Then the monster toasted his pillow over the fire.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Net-Book Reflections

Having a net-book this past 2 years is really cool, and a awesome tools to use. I'm really learning a lot, mostly on maths and reading. We use site, that have on-line books, and helps us read faster and better. This Laptop is good for writing, because it better that paper and pencil. Also the Internet Connections is fast but sometimes it plays up. It useful when you take it to your home, it like your homework. I have no bad things to say about this, it all positive.

Monday, December 3, 2012

A day at the Christmas Parade

Waking up this morning, with a smiling, waiting for Johnny to come. Christian quickly got change, looking really fancy. Off they went down to the Christmas Parade to watch and enjoyed himself.

Watching the entertainment, Johnny went and bought some food.Christian was very hungry, his stomach was growling. While Christian was waiting, he was getting worried, he said “Where you Johnny,”

“As soon as Johnny,came back where's Christian?”Johnny ask to himself. But Christian was searching for Johnny. For a while they were all around looking for each other,  Finally, there he is.

Hay! “Is that you Christian”, Exclaimed John. “Yay, Finally I have found you, I was walking all around worried about you.” He said surprisely. "Now, we here, let go and have fun." said Christ, with big smile.