Thursday, June 23, 2011

under dog

Something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw a massive tough muscly dog.His name is spicky. It was plain black and had sharp teeth and pointing claws. It is speedy and so furious. I freaked out and started running away from him he was to fast. I Dash to my house but he was still there. The next day he was still out He was coming and I went back home. I thought of a plan I made it. AN early morning I woke up to hide in the bush it was 8.0 clock he came out and wonder around the road. I got ready to throw my trap 1 2 3 throw. I got him yes I cheer never mess with king jesiah OK. Now I can go to school safe again. Spicky was gone away from the trap I through he was trap but it was hiding. I called him “spicky” where are you. Oh no here he come Bye bye sprinting away from him. At home said to my self Oh On he still here.
I told My friend to with me. I made a plan again. I through to my self I hope it works. Now the has come. He stare at I stare at him. I shouted now he was in the trap and couldn’t move yes it over. I was happy and I can go school happly ever after.

The End

Thursday, June 16, 2011

party cloudy

Party cloudy-movie review

This movie we watched was party cloudy.where theres are stork and a cloud. It was up way in the sky.One day the stork went to dliver babys to all the mums and dad. All the stork were happy with there cloud but only one was feeling he does not want to work for him. The storm cloud was really felt hurt and frusted then he cry with tears. He came back with a amora.My rating is 8 because I really like this movie and the first part of it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Magic carpet story

Once upon a time my friends and I met a pirate named Captain Gold. We all lived on his ship and got up to mischief everyday. One day I told my friend Studamyer that I had found a magic carpet on the ship. I thought that we could have a holiday and fly to Long Beach in California. As we were flying over to America, Studamyer said to me, “I will surf the tallest and biggest waves in the world!” When we got to Long Beach the waves were strong but not as big as what Studamyer thought they would be. We spent the whole day catching waves.

I was floating in the shallow water while I waited for Studamyer to come back with the magic carpet to take us home. He came running back and told me that a pirate had stolen the magic carpet while we were surfing! Luckily I saw Captain Gold running back to his ship on the other side of the beach. We chased after him... He said yous should learn your lesson about taking some body stuff. "OK" said Studmayer and me