Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The world cup

The rugby world cup is only 2 days away. The first game is Tonga vs New Zealand. It is going to be at New Zealand. There 20 teams from around the world that are coming to the rugby world cup. Some teams have already arrive. There are a 5 teams in each pool. The rugby world cup name is William Web Ellis.The First World cup was won by the All Blacks.

William web Ellis was a young boy that was a legue.  Charles Monro lived near Nelson his parent sent him to a school in england. He found about rugby and brought it to New Zealand. The first Rugby game was in Nelson.   

Thursday, August 25, 2011

TV one News

On Tuesday August 23rd 2011 Pt england was on T.V. one news. They went around classes that had Netbook. We felt excited when they came to our class. They were talking about our Netbooks and how some schools can not afford them. The camera lady took some shots of us doing our work. It came on at night time on the six o'clock One news. I watched it and it was so cool that we were TV.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Zealnand Infomtions

New Zealand is a small country that live from the south Western Pacific ocean. There are four main island in NZ North Island, south, Stewart island and Chatham island. The realm of New Zealand also includes Tokelau, the Cook Island and Niue. New Zealand has many main cultures that can be found. It is Samoa, Tonga, Cook Island, Niue, Fiji, and other Pacific island. The indigenous Maori name New Zealand is Aotearoa commonly translated as land of the long white cloud. Maori was the 3rd people to land on New Zealand. The man was James Cook. And also the Polynesia too. Maori had a treaty which was called treaty of waitangi. It was sign in 1840 February 6th about 40 chiefs sign it. About a year more Maori sign and including 13 woman too. The Maori sometimes sign the treaty with their Moko. A moko is a tattoo on your face which many Maori people do.

The capital of New Zealand is Wellington in the middle of the north and south island.The most Popular city is Auckland it has [386300] of New Zealand. And The next one is \Christchurch317600 and the third is Wellington 168100. Wellington is very famous because the New Zealand government and Prime Minister Have meeting at the famous beehive.

NZ national sport is rugby union. In the first world cup they had won. But they last world cup they lost in the quarter finals against France. The top team in the world cup is the All Blacks Wallabies And the springboks.
This rugby world cup is in New Zealand. there are 20 teams around the world that are playing. They 5 teams in each pool. And only 4 pool. there are only 48 games. also there is millions of ticket sold out. Eden Parks is the home ground games it at Auckland. Hope you come and see the world cup go the All Blacks.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My favorite dance group in the world is the Jabbawockeez. They are very amazing at dancing. They were the first ever in history to win America's Best Dance Group competition. I first saw them on T.V and they were talented. I wish I was in their group. After they won the competition, they toured around the world. They always wear masks so they can be even cooler. Now many dance groups have won the same competition.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At the Life Education Bus

Yesterday we lined up from biggest to smallest for the Life Education bus. Once we were on the bus we sat down and listened to Lynne to find out what we had to do. Afterwards we saw Harold who was talked us all about homework. He said we should help him with half of his homework because he was too lazy! The first task we did was to name three systems in our body. To help us we looked at a skeleton to see where the different body parts were.

We talked about the body system for awhile until it was time for a break. We did the banana split song. It was so funny we even made the caravan move up and down with all our laughing and jumping. Our next task was to find out what the Liver is and what it does. We talked with the Brain, which is a computer that helped us come up with more ideas. We looked at the body and figured out that the liver is the biggest organ of all. And it has over 500 jobs to do. One of them is to sort the food out. It also breaks down the bad things that are not good for you. After learning about the body our class got to perform the Humpdy Dumpdy haka that Lynne taught us. We said goodbye to Harold and Lynne. Harold was kind enough to give us books to leave with. We made our way back to class. My highlight was jumping up and down on the bus. I hope I get to go back to the Life Education Bus!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Holiday Story

During my Holiday I went to the movies and watched Kung Fu Panda 2. I watched it at Sylvia Park. We brought some food with us to eat during the movie. Once the movie started it, it talked about the first part of Kung Fu Panda. The movie had an excellent battle scene at the beginning. It told us about the bad Peacock and his army of wolves and how they killed off all the panda in China, but luckily Kung Fu Panda was saved by his mother. At the end there was an awesome part about how Kung Fu Panda controls the fire rocks. I had fun watching the movie! I am looking forward to watching Kung Fu Panda 3.