Monday, September 26, 2011

Aussie Rules

This term of 2011 Pt England school has been learning about Aussie rules.  They introduction there self and Aussie rules to us. I am excited to play Australia sport.  Every Thursday we have lesson that teach us basic skills.

The First basic skills was the drop punt.  A drop punt is how to kick. There are main rules, number 1 faces away from lases. Number 2 pretend to flicked mud on your friends face.  And the last one is kick the cross line. Our lesson was the hand pass. In Aussie rules you can’t pass like a rugby pass or any sport pass. First step, put up your undomin hand up and ball on top. It like a food on top of a plate. Then get your domin and scoop the food off the plate.

At any lesson we take ,we always have games at then end that is base on our lesson. But my favourite one is Aussie rules baseball. Mega told us instructions and hints to how to play. We were put in to two different groups. We played! We kick the ball downtown. I ran around the base.But while your running you have to bounce the like AFL. It was the end and we lost. But I had lot of fun.     

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Warriors vs West Tigers

Waiting for the exciting game the I saw the warriors nervous that they might lose. They came out and stared the game as the tigers kick off. The warriors had the ball, passing to there big strong forward he ran through them but got down. Suddenly it was last Maloney bomb the ball up high for the wing to jump and offload. Tigers have the ball. OH ON! Tigers had score a try. Happiness for the fan. I got angry but I know that warroris will come back. 1st half finish . The came back and won the game.    

Friday, September 16, 2011

World Rugby Cup Ceremony

 Counting down from 10 the ceremony started as the number changed to 0. Then a Maori lady started of with a Karanga. It is a tradition for a Maori culture to welcome the visitors. Then the Kapa Haka group came and preformed an amazing haka. A young boy was thinking that he was a famous rugby player. He ran to the try line but suddenly the ball glowed like it was going to explode. This boy was running through these big huge players. With a lot of determination the boy started to fly up to the sky and to reach the enormous rugby ball. He came down safely and walked back down the field. While he was walking these name came up beside him, it was the highest try scorer in the RWC. I saw a legend. He was the best player. His name is Jonah Lomu! I really like the end because of the fireworks. The Fireworks was a huge display. It was like a shotgun shooting up in the air. I reckon this was the best rugby world cup ceremony.