Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Someone whisper and no one was here

Many years past, there lived a normal boy, Jake. He had a wonderful family. Jake had 2 big brothers and 1 sister, also a dad and a mum. They shifted away from their old house and was searching for a new one. So they stay at a hotel for weeks.  They were desperate for a house. They had a lot of money but just couldn't look for right house.

After sleeping, They woke up feeling excited, ready to go and look for a perfect house. Hoping in the car, then driving off, Jake suddenly heard something whispering. He ask to his sister “hey what do you say”. But She replied “Nothing”. Anixonly Jake was shock and was wondering who whisper at him.

Finally they were there. The whisper came back and it said “Jake, Jake this is your house”. Jake started to panic but from looking around the house, it was good. It was right for our family. But there farther didn't think so.

Again the whisper said someone. So Jake had to do something. So he was determined to go and stand up to his dad. Begging and begging with all his power and the from his siblings, their dad eventually brought. Now the had a good home with great neighbours. But that not all Jake was still finding where did that whisper come from.        

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